packp3d proxy [Solved]


I am trying to use packp3d, but I think it got issue because I got a proxy.
Is there any configuration to give as parameter the proxy adress?

:downloader: [00EC6900] Timeout connecting to for https:
Error getting URL
:downloader: [00ECA450] Timeout connecting to for https:

Can you access in your browser? Also, is your browser configured to use a HTTP proxy?

yes it can, but my browser is configuring to use http proxy…

You can add the http-proxy line to your Config.prc file. In the case of packp3d (and other .p3d files), the Config.prc file you need to edit is the one you create in the Panda3D/prc directory (e.g. C:/Users//AppData/Local/Panda3D/prc on Windows, or ~/.panda3d/prc on Linux). Create a file in this directory called Config.prc, and add the following line:


or whatever your proxy spec actually is.


Thanks it works