packp3d *.p3d file does not run

I have packed a game as a *.p3d file with packp3d. It generates the p3d file without any error, although it says ‘panda3d.core missing’. When I run the p3d file by clicking on it or by running ‘panda3d filename.p3d’, it just gives a white screen with a panda shadow and a yellow warning triangle. No error messages whatsoever.

I use panda version 1.7.2 and the panda runtime has been installed. I use windows7 64 bits.

Is there a way to check what’s wrong in the p3d file ?

first step would be to update panda to 1.8 and try. dont be afraid of “unstable” label, its bullshit :slight_smile:

Check the log files, as described here.