packp3d not work with

Hey folks,

Trying to run packp3d to pack up a game I made,

C:\>packp3d -o ssp.p3d -d c:\ssp -m -r fmod -e mp3
:AppRunner: Total Panda3D disk space used: 113 MB
:AppRunner: Configured max usage is: 2048 MB
There are some missing modules: ['', 'panda3d.core']
:egg2pg: Reading /c/ssp/models/fighter.egg
:gobj: Loading texture /c/ssp/models/texturemap.png
:egg2pg: Flattened 0 nodes.
:egg2pg: Reading /c/ssp/models/planet_sphere.egg.pz
:egg2pg: Flattened 1 nodes.
:egg2pg: Reading /c/ssp/models/solar_sky_sphere.egg.pz
:egg2pg: Flattened 1 nodes.
Generating ssp.p3d


Which packs up a p3d file which won’t run. Here is my Panda3d AppData log:

Anyone know how to resolve this?

(Edit) Commenting out all lines that import and reference the ai package lets it pack correctly; this is not functional, however.

I never used PandaAI, but, looking at the manual there is a package called ai, perhaps you have to add -r ai to your command.

still reports errors but seems to work. thanks.