packp3d issue


I have a simple game and alongside it I have OSC (open sound control) to send and receive messages. The code is configured on Eclipse and runs without any issue via eclipse.

Now I want to pack it as p3d but I am unable to resolve certain issues.

During packing
command used:
packp3d -o /…/mygame.p3d -d …/…/source_folder

console output:
:AppRunner: Total Panda3D disk space used: 169 MB
:AppRunner: Configured max usage is: 2048 MB
There are some missing modules: [‘OSC’,panda3d.core]

Generating mygame.p3d

There is a message which says “There are some missing modules: [‘OSC’,panda3d.core]”
But however when running via eclipse-pydev there is no issue

Just tried running the .p3d file (ofcourse in vain)
ImportError: No module named OSC.
NameError: name ‘DirectObject’ is not defined

Kindly help !!!

Issue Sorted.

I included in my code base and used the option -r morepy while packing