packp3d introduces hiccup at the start of program: how come?


I’m working on a racing game and I’ve written a small program to try out the features I would need for a countdown, which you can find at If I just run this using “python” (it’s in the directory above the snippet so that I can build it easily), there is no issue. The time between frames is nice and predictable. But if I package it using packp3d, on the second call to “update_countdown_img”, the interval from the last frame is consistently about 0.8 seconds, which gives the user the impression that there is a number missing from the countdown.

Why does this happen? Where else should I expect to run into issues with this?

So, I’ve just written up a small program that demonstrates that this isn’t really specific to the recipe I’ve written. It just starts up Panda and starts printing the time interval until the program is stopped. And it turns out that, if you package this with packp3d, the second interval is much bigger than if you don’t package it (also interesting to note that the second interval is somewhat bigger than the rest if this hasn’t been packaged, but still much smaller than in the case of a package). I can’t find a section describing these timing issues in the manual, so I’ll try to come up with a workaround, as the behaviour here does seem to be consistent. Still, if anyone knows the details of why this happens, I’d be interested in learning them.