packp3d import ode or pil

I have a big problem with packp3d, I tried it out at ubuntu Lucid i386 and Natty amd64.

I have give some commandline options to packp3d, so to load the ode and pil libs. This happens:
-r ode -r pil …
at -r pil it say this: Unknown package pil, version “”
at ode it seems to work, but if I start the package with panda3d this error comes up:

File "/misc/Projekte/py3d-worlds/py3dClient/viewer/mv3d_p3d/mv3d/client/ui/", line 8, in <module>
    import ode
ImportError: No module named ode

Can anyone help me ?


The “ode” package doesn’t include PyODE, only Panda’s own ODE bindings.

Ty for your fast answer. I change my code and try it again, but not really better:

File "/misc/Projekte/py3d-worlds/py3dClient/viewer/mv3d_p3d/mv3d/client/ui/", line 9, in <module>
    from panda3d import ode
ImportError: cannot import name ode

I try it with -rode and without it - and the pil problem is also not solved :frowning: .

Is this a special Linux problem, work that with windows ?

Also, to say it clear: If I start the program with


all is ok, only the .p3d version will not work.

Ty for your help,



from panda3d.ode import *