packp3d and pycegui


Is it possible to pack games using PyCegui with packp3d?

Not at the moment, no, unless you host your own packages for PyCEGUI.


Yeap. I loot at ppacke, and creation of package. It seems not simple, and without a real guide, I think it will not easy for me.

In consequence, I wonder what will be the most benefic for me : create cegui package, or switching (with lot of work, because I got lot of window yet with Cegui).

Concerning ppackage, can someone give me real example for a lib he has included?

Sorry, I don’t know what you’re trying to say.

  1. : Instead using Cegui, I wonder if I will or not switch to librocket

  2. : Looking at the manual concerning the way to create package through ppackage, it seems to be a hard time to create it. I wonder if someone is able to show me a concrete example of creating a new package.

For 2, you can examine the file direct/src/p3d/thirdparty.pdef in the Panda3D source code. This is the pdef file we use to create all of the default third-party packages. You can make your own pdef file with the package(s) you want to create and process it with ppackage, then see what happens.