P3D1.5.4 install issue on windowsXP w/python 2.6 [SOLVED]

I installed panda3d 1.5.4 over a python 2.6 installation and, to cut it short, looks clearly that P3D overrides completely the present python install routing to his embedded 2.5 version, modifying the system path.
After several tries modifying by hand the system path looks like I’m unable to make things work, especially because I also need the wxpython libraries that are actually installed in python 2.6.
Do anybody faced this issue before and maybe was able to fix’em?

ok now I solved. All the fuss was because I wasn’t aware that indeed P3D for windows require to use his embedded python 2.5 so, to use wxpython library I need to install the correct version compiled for python 2.5 not the 2.6 and so I did and therefore the problem has magically disappeared.