P3D Resolution and Graphic Card Types

  • Panda version 1.7.0 with OpenGL -

Between two different PCs; one with a Nivida gc and the other with an ATI gc (graphic card)…

Panda3D will run at the highest resolution under the Nivida, but will only run up 1330x768 under the ATI, even though the ATI card has high resolutions available just as the Nivida do.

The monitors are different, both are flat screen and both support high resolutions. Both refresh rates are at 60.

I am using an older ATI card and the Nivida is newer technology. I rule out age of card because other games can use the higher resolutions of the ATI.

The PC with Nivida runs Windows 7 and the ATI one runs Windows Vista.

V-Sync is off.

Is this a common issue?

I see the error message is saying error code -2 for res (1440 x 900 x 32) 0Hz

Looks like the refresh rate isn’t reporting or something. Any resolution over 1330x768 will drop an error (ATI gc).