p3d file contains all ?

(my english is bad)

If p3d file contains all files of my game. If game is too big, user will wait for along to load game in browser, huh ?

Yes, unless you divide your game into Packages, as described in the manual.

If you put the different parts of your game into different Packages, you can write Python code that will download and install each Package when it is needed, so your players don’t have to download everything all at once.


Oh, thanks!
And one questtion: I try to embed Bump-Mapping (Panda3D-1.7.2) to html file. Then I run it, some lag when I enable bump maps (both Firefox and Chrome). It’s only small app…

I’m not 100% sure what you mean, but you might be referring to a chug–a long frame–when the shader is generated, compiled, and executed for the first time.

This is normal behavior. You can reduce it by writing custom shaders instead of using the auto shader (which eliminates the need to generate the shader at runtime). You can also hide this chug under a loading screen, which is what many games do.

Put up a 2-D title card that covers the entire screen. Then parent all of your geometry to render so that it will be rendered at least one frame. Then take it away again.

The next time your geometry is rendered, it will render quickly, without the chug.

You can also use nodePath.prepareScene() in lieu of parenting your geometry to render, which works almost as well.


Thanks again, David!