override NodePath-attributes, how to?

hello all,
i’m new to this forum, althoug i read it for some time.

i’m also new to programming, but after reading alot i descided to start my first ‘real project’ :slight_smile:

now, i have a question that i couldn’t find answered in the documentation and the forum:

how do i override nodePath-attributes like pos, hpr?
i.e. i don’t want hpr of the childNode being connected to hpr of the parentNode.

what do i want to do with that?

i want to create ‘moving-patterns’ of childrenNodes by posInterval-sequences, and i want to rotate the whole moving-pattern by rotating the parentNodes. however, i’d like to keep the childrenNodes ‘upright’ while doing so (or, better, rotated independently on their own ofc…)

maybe there is a better solution to my problem?

i worked around it so far, by making a special ‘movingPatternRotateNode’, that had no children, but was used as relative-node for the modelNode-posSequence. the disadvantage was, that i couldn’t use a single posHprInterval for the moving-pattern, but had to use a posInterval for the model-node, and a seperate hprInterval on the ‘movingPatternRotateNode’. that caused some timing issues and also feeled weird when coding in :confused:

thx for your help,

trux :slight_smile:

Maybe the compass effect is what you are looking for:


yes, thx alot :slight_smile: