OUT OF HERE - An autorunning game with panda3d

Hi all ! Last month was the 20th Ludum Dare competition (if you don’t know about them, they are 48h-hours game making competition).

I entered for the second time, and if last time I used pygame, this time I took the plunge and did something with Panda3D. Results were far above my expectations, and I placed 13th in the graphics category, and 40th overall (over 288 entries).

If you’d like to take a look at it, it’s available here :


I’m currently still working on it, and hope to do some kind of weekly update on my progress. Tell me what you think ! (oh and, the space bar can speed up the story text :p)

As a prototype, it’s so nice so far. Some ideas:

  • You could provide an audio feedback when the chaser is close to you.
  • You could make more various paths (not only a straight path).
  • You could make more various graphics for the narrative parts.


Thanks for the feedback !

The total lack of sound effects (and the somewhat crappy quality of the music) was of course a consequence of the tight time limit of the competition. As we cannot reuse anything, I would have had to record everything I wanted to use in-game during that weekend, and as this game was my first real project with panda, I didn’t have enough time…

As for your other two suggestions : the non-linear levels are implemented. I want to take this into something a bit deeper, and while I want to keep the genre, and have your character accelerate automatically and have a obstacle-dodging gameplay has the core, I want to give the player more choice about how he’s going to move. So that’s in the works.

The narrative in its current form will also go away. I don’t have yet every details, but I think I have a pretty good idea on how I will at least present it. It’s going to be better than walls of text :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the feedback, anyway !

EDIT : You can read the first development log for this project HERE.