OTish: Disney's Pirates MMO -> Panda3D?

Just saw the press release for the Disney Pirates MMO:


Seems logical that they’d use Panda3D like they did for ToonTown, but does anyone know for certain that is the case?

Just curious. = )

Yes, that’s the case.


Are there any screenshots for the PotC MMO released yet?

No, not yet. It’s still over a year away. :slight_smile:


Whoa! :astonished:

I have a couple of questions that someone may be able to answer.

-Is Disney going to be working with the current panda3d code base or the previous one before it went open source?

-If Disney works on the current panda code base, are they going to work live on the codebase or branch and work in parallel.

-If Disney are goin to branch, which seems likely, will Disney re-merge their changes back in?

P.S. Just want to say thanks to Disney, The ETC, and everyone else who made this possible. I think that the more commercial game companies that open source their games, the more the industry will have a chance to expand and experiment with new ideas and technologies.

Panda3D “went open source” well before Toontown shipped. For all practical purposes, it has always been open source; we drafted the open source license before the code was even running on Windows.

So there’s no open source/closed source version of Panda3D; there’s just Panda3D, which is an open source product. We do our development directly on the SourceForge CVS repository, and that won’t be changing.