Other Zombies in the Dark

I started (yeah, me too) a little zombie shooting FPS : Download

At first i was working on procedural content generation, but i quickly felt the need to do something while roaming the streets of RandomCity, and shooting zombies never gets old, does it?

It’s still in early stage, (e.g : there’s not even an endgame yet), but i plan to keep working on it until i have a fun, little, short, simple but finished, game. Meanwhile, C&C welcome.

I’ll work on a commands setting option menu, but for now, commands can be changed (and mouse can be inverted) editing the config.py file. By default :

  • arrows to move
  • left click to shoot
  • right click to jump
  • space pauses the game (right click when paused toggles the free cam view)
  • B toggles the bullet debug display
  • F toggles the fog
  • G toggles the glow effect

I hadn’t thought of any title yet, so thanks to ognjenk for the inspiration.


Some screenshots :


Whoa, it looks so good so far! Things that may be improved imho: (i) I would use WASD (not arrows) as default movement commands; (ii) for the time being, the only feedback of a shot is aural, you could try giving something visual (a texture, a particle effect, …). Ok, I’m sure that the last one was already on your todo-list. :wink: Gratz!

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I had so much fun with this game… thank you :slight_smile:

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