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It doesn’t search in your $HOME directory by default, unless you tell it to during the compilation. The default search rules, laid out by the dtool/Config.pp, are:

(1) search the directory named by $PRC_DIR
(2) search the directories on the variable named by $PRC_PATH
(3) search /usr/local/panda/etc

If you wish it to search the directory named by $HOME in addition to the above rules, you could add the following line to your Config.pp file:




that makes sense. I guess for different panda applications, you don’t want it to use the ~/ config.

However I think a note should be added to the default Config.prc ? It says the file should go in ~/Config.prc by default. Maybe it should talk about the possible search paths instead? Or maybe I copied that note from somewhere else.

Perhaps it should also warn when no Config.prc is found?

I made a bug report here: bugs.launchpad.net/panda3d/+bug/281073