OSX 64 bit, maya, python

I’m having a few problems with building on OSX with Maya2014 support.

Using current CVS source, OSX 10.6.8.

python makepanda/makepanda.py --everything --installer --no-ffmpeg --no-vrpn --no-rocket --no-opencv --no-gles --no-gles2 --no-egl --threads 2 --no-swscale --arch x86_64 --no-fcollada --no-freetype --no-ode --no-fftw

This time around I followed Jessica Hamrick’s awesome tutorial:

Installed python2.7 using brew, and have it as my default python command.

I used the thirdparty libs from the forum here, most worked but Collada, Freetype, ODE, and FFTW threw errors at the end, claiming there were no 64-bit libs to link against.

Problem 1: The installer gives an “Installation Failed” error at the end, although it seems to have installed everything in the right place and in general everything works.

Problem 2: For maya2egg2012, 2013, 2014:

I had to set this environment variable to get them to run:

export DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_PATH=/Applications/Autodesk/maya2014/Maya.app/Contents/MacOS/

and set it explicitly for whichever version I’m running. This worked ok, though awkward, for maya2egg2012 and 2013. However, for 2014, I get this error:

MAYA_LOCATION: /Applications/Autodesk/maya2014/Maya.app/Contents
dyld: Library not loaded: @executable_path/../Frameworks/Python.framework/Python
  Referenced from: /Applications/Autodesk/maya2014/Maya.app/Contents/MacOS//libOpenMaya.dylib
  Reason: Incompatible library version: libOpenMaya.dylib requires version 2.7.0 or later, but Python provides version 2.6.0
Trace/BPT trap

Ok, that makes sense, but why is it grabbing the stock python 2.6 and not my 2.7 version?

Just for kicks I tried copying the whole Python framework out of Maya into /Developer/Tools/Frameworks. It seems to find that correctly, but now I get

MAYA_LOCATION: /Applications/Autodesk/maya2014/Maya.app/Contents

Initializing Maya.
ImportError: No module named site

Not sure what to try next. Seems like there’s some kind of path magic that should happen somewhere.

You could try building Panda3D against Python 2.7, by running makepanda.py with python2.7 (make a clean build by removing the “built” directory first).