osx 10.6/netbeans/panda3d,small prob and tutorial

hi guys,

i had a bit of trouble setting up so i wanted to share my experience with other users that might have the same issue and get some advice on things i havent fixed so far.

setting up panda:
panda 1.7.0 works out of the box on my system (13inch mbp, early 2010 model) when i install the nvidia toolkit 3.0.00007. however python needs to be set to 32 bits mode on snow leopard if that hasn’t been done.
it can be done via command line with:

defaults write com.apple.versioner.python Prefer-32-Bit -bool yes

setting up netbeans:
i am using netbeans 6.9 IDE. python plugin has to be installed, which can be done under tool->plugins then searching for python. then you can create a new python project.

the next thing to do is adjusting the python platform for your project to use the panda executables. this can be done in the project properties under the python tab. choose the python platform and manage. you can either copy all the setting from the 2.6.1 platform or (like in my case) edit the 2.6.1 defaults since i don’t do other stuff apart from panda with python.
under python path i added the paths:


close the window and make sure your new platform is selected before hitting ok.
you should be good to go with the examples now.

here comes my questions now,… it seems i still have to add other libraries since my intellisense doesn’t offer auto completion for the panda namespaces and classes so if i use the self.camera. and press autocomplete it doesn’t list the methods and members of the class which makes it a bit unusable if you’re new to panda imho.
any suggestions how to fix this?


autocompletion works after resterting osx for me now. however you get around 10k completion results for each object.