OS X Installer ignores choice of python

I’m running Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), and I use python 2.6 which I installed via MacPorts (so it ends up as /opt/local/bin/python). However, when I ran the “one-step installer” for the SDK (for Panda 1.7.0), it installed it for the system python, which is python2.5 in /usr/bin/python2.5.

Is there a way to make the installer use whichever python is first on the PATH, or am I going to have to install from source if I want to use python2.6?


You will have to install from source. Panda3D has a bunch of C++ extension modules, and extension modules to Python can only be compiled against a certain Python version.

The version of Panda3D for OSX at the download page is built on Leopard, and Leopard ships with Python 2.5 by default. So, it is compiled against Python 2.5. If you want to use Python 2.6, you’ll have to compile for yourself.

Ok, thanks!