origins are not the same [SOLVED]

hello, I have had this problem for a while and I just cant figure it out. I have a model and I have a node called ‘floater’ at


problem I am having is that when I move and try to create collision rays the rays origin gets (looks) more off the farther I am from the models starting point and when I print the the positions of the model, floater, and the origin of the ray they all are the same.

do you have screenshots?

I remember having the same problem… not sure, maybe the models starting point is not where you think it is. do you use blender? in blender hit F9 (Editing) and use ‘center new’ to shift the object’s origin to center of the object’s data.

what format should the pictures be? and do you have a place I could upload them to? , use the format you want, .png, .jpg etc

Remember that if you have parented floater to your model, then it automatically inherits the model’s position, and you shouldn’t try to set the model’s position on it again. Just set it to (0, 0, 0) and leave it there.


Wow… this is pretty funny. I had the floater parented to render and it would not move right, but when I changed the parent to the model I got it to work.