Origin, Maya and the Camera...

Where is the camera pointing at by default in a scene?

The reason why I ask is this. I’ve created a sphere in Maya, no texture, just the geomtry. I’ve converted it to egg. I load it into Panda and its never where I expect it to be. My reasoning is as follows. I’ve created the sphere at origin in Maya, only scaled it out. Now in Panda, I figured it would automatically load at origin and the camera would be looking right at it.

Well, in reality I have to move the sphere into view.

What gives? Is the camera location and Hpr always random?


I guess I should do a little more testing and trial-and-error before I post.

I think maybe my problem was that the camera was inside my sphere. When I move the sphere further into the (+Y) screen, the camera is then able to see it.

My problem is conceptual I guess. I’m not quite thinking in 3d terms and remembering that I need to set the location of the camera and then point the end with lens towards the object I’m viewing :slight_smile: