order in different processes?

I have the next problem:

  1. Simulation with Bullet physics is running, car (Bullet Vehicle) is running…next…
    load model with myModel=loader.loadModel(‘mymodel.egg’)…next…myModel.reparentTo(render)…then…simulation stop per 1 second, while load myModel.
    How to solved this problem ?
    Thanks for you help!

I can not give you an advice on how to solve your problem because I don’t understand what actually your problem ist. But I can give you something to think about. Maybe it helps you in solving your problem yourself.

Loading a model takes some time, in particular if it is in .egg format (text). .bam (binary) is faster. Still, large models take some time. So loading a model during while you game is playing is likely to have a noticable effect. Some things you can do:

  • load the model in the background, i. e. in another thread. Not talking about python thread. Look at the API documentation on how to load models
  • consider the time while th emodel loads as a break, after which the gameplay continues. Call do_physics with a capped value in the next frame.