Options on Exporting Models with Animations

Hey All,

So I’m getting familiar with x2egg and obj2egg, as this is the most familiar method I can work on. A couple of simple questions that are not in the help file of the exporter (afaik) which I’m curious to ask:

  1. How do you export models with animations as separate files? Something like Ralph model with ralph-run.egg.pz, ralph-walk.egg.pz etc…

  2. If it is possible to export models with a single file including with animation? How do you reference this on the script or code?

Thanks. :smiley:

  1. I’m not really sure. Does the .x format even support animations? In general, the best bet is to importing models into Blender, where you can use YABEE to export either separately or as one file.

  2. Just load like Actor(“model.egg”) and then reference animations by name, ie. actor.play(“name”).

Wow, I thought this is old information! Of course, Direct X files support animations. :smiley: Most old, new and established game engines directly supports the X format.

FPS Creator (TGC)
Blitz Products (Max,B3D)

More reference:
gamedev.net/page/resources/_ … x-90-r2079

I just converted a .X file Dwarf model with animation to Egg format, works great :smiley: Here is a short video using of this with pview

I would really like to get a hold of this but I’m still having trouble in using YABEE. There’s no full instructions on how to do it and the samples that comes with the package fails to export and view properly in pview :blush:

Just to check: are you using the latest version of YABEE, taken from GitHub? (If you’re using YABEE 13.1, note that it’s an old version, I believe.)

The latest version should be available from the link in the first post of the YABEE thread, under “new versions”–note that the GitHub link seems to be the preferred one.

yes, that’s the one that I tried before and it’s throwing errors or would not load in pview. The simple one works ok but other than that, it fails to export properly.

This one from the plant model example:

To work around this issue, disable TBS generation in the YABEE settings.

Looking at the screenshot, you don’t seem to have selected the plant; I believe that YABEE exports only the selected objects. Note that the error indicates that “context.active_object”–which I’m inclined to guess is the object that holds Blender’s currently-selected object–is “None”.

A quick test on my side, using Blender 2.74 and the latest YABEE (I believe), seemed to correctly export and display in PView.

Thanks a lot but even selecting the object(s), I’m still getting the same error. :confused:

I have yet to try 2.74 though to see if this corrects the issue as you say, because I’m still using 2.71…

Ok so I finally got to export the dwarf with animations, yay! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The only problem I’m getting is the textures doesn’t get exported. I have to select Bake option instead of Simple to get something going but still it wasn’t exported right because it has 2 textures. Any pointers on how to properly do this?

Thanks again.