OpenSuse 10.2

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Comment installer Panda3d sur OpenSuse 10.2 ?

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Please talk English here.
As far as my French reaches, you want to know how to install Panda3D at OpenSuSE 10.2.
Well, there are a few ways to do that.

  1. Try the 10pt1 RPM here at the downloads section. It should work.
  2. Build it yourself using makepanda or ppremake.

ca ne marche pas exactement - je crois qu’il y a le meme probleme que ubuntu feisty.

  1. dcraw
  2. le version de python

pour dcraw, c’est facile :

rpm -ivh --force panda3d-1.3.2-suse10pt1.i586.rpm

je ne sais pourqoi panda utilise dcraw, mais…

  1. le probleme avec python est un peu plus dificile. suse 10.2, il a python 2.5, mais panda utilise python 2.4. il n’y a pas des RPM pour python 2.5 pour suse 10.2; pour moi, quand j’essai d’installer python 2.4 il y des conflits entre python, avahi, beacoup des packages. c’est dificile de suprimer python 2.5 completement :frowning:

and, in english:

the 10.1 installer doesn’t exactly work - i think it has the same problems as in ubuntu feisty: dcraw, and python version.

the dcraw conflict is easy: just do

rpm -ivh --force panda3d-1.3.2-suse10pt1.i586.rpm

  1. the problem with python is a little more difficult - suse 10.2 has python 2.5, but panda uses python 2.4. there aren’t any packages for python 2.5 for suse 10.2; for me, when i try to install python 2.4 there are conflicts between python, avahi, lots of packages. it seems to be difficult to remove python 2.4 entirely.