OpenSSL Dependency

I am using HttpClient to download assets when the game is running. It requires OpenSSL and I’d like to have that packaged with my p3d if possible. I have tried:

packp3d -o mygame.p3d -d /Users/myDir -r morepy -r OpenSSL

and I get:

:Packager(warning): Unknown package OpenSSL, version ""
:Packager(warning): Cannot build package mygame due to missing dependencies: OpenSSL
:AppRunner: Normal exit with status 0.

which would make sense as OpenSSL is not listed on here Is there anything I can do to include it when I distribute the game? Or configure http client to work without it somehow?

You don’t need to add this, since every Panda runtime build already comes with OpenSSL support enabled. Especially given that Panda3D itself needs to use HTTPClient with SSL support in order to communicate with .

I’m assuming that by HTTPClient you are referring to Panda’s built-in downloading facilities (such as are described here).