OpenGL texture creation problems [SOLVED]

Ok, so some people have gotten in to working on content packs for disney’s now closed game “Toontown”. There have been several servers made in addition to the content packs. I have a content pack I have been wanting to test out just to see what it looks like and possibly make some changes. I have been testing it on my mini server. However some of the textures do not load properly and return an error message. I receive this message for many different textures from OpenGL. Here is an example of one.

:display:gsg:glsg:(error): GL Texture creation failed for wall_fence_wood : invalid value
:display:gsg:glsg:(error): Could not load wall_fence_wood

I have noticed in this texture pack some of the files are different resolutions than the originals. If i change the resolution of the image to match that of the original it will load fine. Does anyone know how to fix the invalid value error? im not a very good coder from scratch but i can read and understand what the code means pretty well. Also I am new to the Panda 3D forums so I’m still figuring things out here.

Can you attach one or two textures that fail like this to a bug report? Thanks!

I would also like help with this. I see it everytime i start the game so i’m going to be watching this topic

If the textures do not get to you i can supply them. But i don’t have issues with wall_fence_wood

I know much time has passed since i posted on this but I have since then resolved my problem. I did so by having replaced my graphics card because I discovered that it was old and was not supporting openGL 2.0. I just ran the game out of a result of being bored and all the texture loaded fine. Turns out that at the time of that post I had not yet discovered that my graphics card did not support OpenGL 2.0 which was what was causing the error with all the textures.