openCV python 1.0 or 1.1 for windows

hi, is there anywhere a source to download openCV 1.0 or 1.1 (pyhton interface) for window. i searched a arround bit but couldnt find anything…

thx a lot.

Navigate to opencv-win and you should find version 1.0 there.

thx for you replying :slight_smile:

and shame on me, i already saw this version, but i thought its only for c++

:frowning: for build/installing thy py inteface i need vs 2003, is there anywhere a express (free) version of vs2003? or how about a different way to install?

You can use 2008 as well, I think. I believe I used 2005 last time I tried building OpenCV.

thx pro.
but, sorry, im a really noob with vs. if i try to import it as project, i get the error message, its written in a different vs version and a error in converting… :frowning:

I was going to give you this instructables link eaerlier but thought you might have come across it already. It has a build of the python module of open-cv there somewhere, I used it for my own project a few months ago.

Note that this is for python 2.5. It should work out of the box with Panda 1.6 but don’t expect it to continue to work for the public distribution of Panda 1.7 which will be built against python 2.6.

thx man :slight_smile: now it works :slight_smile: