What would it take to replace FMOD with OpenAL?

This has come up before–just do a forum search on “OpenAL” and you’ll get several hits. In particular, you’ll see this thread:, from almost two years ago, when the CMU team asked for volunteers to do the (fairly straightforward) port to OpenAL and got silence.

I imagine there’s still room for volunteers to integrate with OpenAL or any other truly free sound library. In the meantime, I think the motivation to do this is reduced because people seeking a free sound library can generally use pygame instead of Panda’s built-in sound features.


Try using pygame, it has a good sound library. :slight_smile:
Simple to use as well.
Licence permits it.

still,. i’d like to see openAL too. it’s simply better to have a free out-of-the-box sound. and you have less dependencies.
i would volunteer but my c or c++ coding ability is zero…

i had a rough look at both (a really rough look)… it seems like it’s not that hard to do.

I don’t quite understand. Pygame is also free.And I don’t think that using pygame will slow it down, but if OpenAL is better than pygame’s sound library then obviously OpenAL should be implemented instead of using pygame.

while pygame works and is free,tpp. its simply simpler to have a working sound right away. without messing around with any 3rd party dependencies. also integration could be simpler with openAL