openAL docu

is anyone of you in touch with a good pyopenal docu?

FYI, Panda’s sound system has support for OpenAL. So, edit your Config.prc file, and replace “p3fmod_audio” with “p3openal_audio” and Panda’s sound interfaces will use OpenAL as backend.

panda works fine with openal for me, i think you got me wrong, i tried to ask about a documentation of all commands in pyopenal. im sure there be different called in c++, so the official openal side wont help me that much.

due the fact that i need some deeper commands than play and stop, i need a good documentation for…

or just a list with all the command, flags and structur

here are the methods of an AudioSound, the object you get by





and here you got the manual page for sound (also take a look at the following pages):

one thing for clearification:
panda doesn’t use pyopenal, but pure openal. it contains a kind of its own pyopenal (which in fact, is nothing than python bindings for openal)

thx for posting this, but i already know those couple of commands.

my idea leads to do some procedural sounds and some sound modifactions in runtime… im sure openal would be perfect for, but pyopenal seems very limited, is that true?

again, i have no idea why you’re speaking about pyopenal the whole time. panda doesn’t use pyopenal at all.

to procedural sounds: panda is a game engine and not a soud mixing studio. with the fmod library, which is shipped with panda as 3rd party, you can use its DSP effects. you’d know that if you’ve clicked on “next” at the manual page i’ve given you a link to. still, for mixing and modificating sounds you’ll have to give panda some audio files. such can be found on the net. here two suggestions with lots of free sound files:

uhhh ohhh, so sorry, i meant panda openal when i said pyopenal :wink:

let me see what you deal with…

i already know some sound libaries on python, but none of them are doing this thing i want. so i hoped it could possible with openAl…

my suggestion a modern game engine should alowed to screw deeper, then tune the volume,ballance, play and stop a sound.

Did you read the manual section on Sound? AamesxDavid has also written an excellent tutorial.

thx man, yes i did.

the sound creation its not a important point for my game, but a nice gimmick.