OnscreenText and OnscreenImage to 'follow' a model

I want to be able to draw an OnscreenImage (i.e. 2d images) that will be positioned relative to things in my 3d word.

Ideally the 2d text/image would ‘follow’ the 3d model around. But at best I just want to be able to position it right (i.e. I want the 3d image to appear on top of the model).

I’m running into two problems:

  • Firstly, the coordinate system used for 3d models and 2d text do not seem to be the same :S I can get the position of a model by the getX/getY/getZ functions. But how do I get the position of a model on the screen (i.e. where abouts is it actually on the screen) so I can put a 2d thing at that spot?
  • Would there be anyway to hood a 2d image onto a 3d model? Or would I need a frame-per-frame process that updates the location of the 2d image.

Basically, I want to be able to draw a 2d image that covers up a certain part of the screen.

However it seems the position of 2d stuff is relative to the window, where as the position of the 3d stuff is not.

Is there an easy way to do this?

Do you mean this?

Yes! Thanks