online knight game ....

hey guys, i saw a video on youtube where a guy in his spair time made an online game (although it was only him on at the time) where his was a warrior with a sowrd on his back and i was wondering

if you could answer these questions

  1. do i only need to download panda3d and that includes all the things ill need

  2. im new to stuff like this so is thier any tutorials any 1 can direct me to

  3. im thinking of making it online for players worldwide to play in like a year or so when i get it finished … can some 1 send me a tut on what to do for acc creations and chars creations ect…

basicly im saying… can some 1 add me on msn or pm me in some way to chat i need a co - creator maybe some 1 with a little experiance and is slightly more didcated to making a big online game (hopefuly as big as runescape or something) because ill do all i can to make it big… i have some game testers (my friends) who are willing to test but i need some 1 tell help me so it doesnt take me years to make :stuck_out_tongue: please reply to this topic ~~~~[/url]

hi, welcome to panda3d.

about pm’s and msn and the likes. you’r lucky if you can find one. but usualy you can get help here on the forum. that’s wat it exists for. everyone can search here for problems and sollutions.
panda includes almost everything you need. except the artwork and the code. which would be your job to create. take a look at the manual, the samples (start with the solar system sample). and the “absolute beginner thread” (it’s a sticky) here on the forum.
if you need someone to chat to. there is the #panda3d irc channel on freenode. feel free to join.

about making things big… just an advice… keep things small . at least at the beginning.

also try to use the forum’s search function. there are many posts regarding rpg’s and networking, collisions, animations. those are quite common topics.

i guess the first thing you’ll have to do is. learn some python. if you haven’t already. unles you know some python basics you wont be able to use panda. you can find python tutorials all over the web, many links where posted on the forum,too.