Online fpsor mmofps ? Team Forming ?

Are you interested In any way of this?

  • would like to join crew. -send message-then
  • I would like to learn more -send questions to me then-
  • Would mind playing it after completed but not make it.
  • Id rather not join the team sorry.

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Hello and how are you.

I am a someone wanting to get into the game development company stuff.

I currently am able to model, animate, uv map, uvmap texture, draw concept art, and rig models in blender.

i had a few ideas

if anyone would want join up and make a game with me sorta a 3rd person shooter game like the firstperson shooter games out theres 'warrock, operation7,combat arms and so on. but instead a 3rd person medieval sword and bow game.

sence there are not much medieval games this could be pretty dang original and new, *draw in some attention id we pull it off pretty well

um let me see how explain game.

-setting- Medieval era about 12th century

-Gameplay- 3rd person when using melee, and ranged or if ranged fps if want.

-Type- online matches, Try
that game is pretty much how will want but our own styles in a medieval setting.

-match sizes- 2-12 free for all- and depending on what servers we can get- 2-12or24 or so we can find out later on.

-custimization- be able to custimize your own character with helmets’chestpieces’leggings’boots’gloves and so on.

-weapons- single handed swords, double handed swords, axes, maces and polearms, bows and crossbows.

-Style- Realistic sorta like real medieval none of that magic mumbo jumbo if we could theres already to much of that being somewhat realistic would set us apart.

and i have ideas for design and im ready to get going on concept art modeling and all that.

I am not able to program yet >.< ive been trying to learn but having trouble.

like we need some more modelers- texture artists and several programmers if possible .

sorry if this was sloppy.


With respect, if you don’t know how to do any programming, you have no idea of the large scale of the project you’re talking about. This is not a good sign, and will not get you a desirable team, if one at all. If you’re just getting started in game development, try something realistic for a beginner, don’t jump into a huge project hoping a bunch of programmers will keep you afloat - they almost certainly will not.

not everybody can memorize a programming language. i am not able to do it but id like to see other programmers join in, i can do other stages of a game tho modeling and so on, just because i cannot do programming does not meen that this would be a over done project if we have a decent programmer that knows a bit of how to do this stuff we could figure it out no diffrence as me being able to ive worked on several other game in blender but this is first panda3d.

the programmer would more or less be the one in charge telling us what is needed.

but if i were the programmer and didnt know much code and i tried to do this your comment would most defenently be right.

game groups and companies so on are split up into diffrent jobs not everyone programs but to do a project more advanced then pingpong and so on. you must have good programmers.

and it helps to have people that know how to do there part, modeling , concept drawing, uv mapping and so on.

comment is wise if i was planning to be the noob programmer trying to learn off a huge project but im not going to be a programmer in this, but im looking for a decent one so we can.

Thank you for your comment ^-^

I’m not saying that you programming this would be a bad idea. If you don’t know how to program, that’s pretty obvious. My point was that because you don’t know how to program, you don’t understand what you’re asking for.

Now you’re looking for a project lead/programmer - an even bigger job.

You don’t have to tell me; I work at a professional game studio, and I don’t program for them. This is again not my point. The person in charge (presumably the person putting together this team: you) needs to know enough to understand what it is they’re asking for. You don’t necessarily need to program, but you certainly need to know enough about programming to know what you’re doing, if it’s possible, and the resources you will need. Look up jobs for Project Lead, Lead Designer, at any game development studio. This is, of course, unless you really are planning for the programmer to be in charge of all of this, at which point it becomes unclear how much of this project will be your vision, if you don’t know enough to have a clear idea of what you need to accomplish it.

Asking a programmer to make an MMO is like asking a construction worker to build you a city. Even with several of them, it’s a huge project.

What is comes down to is that everyone on any game development forum has seen your post almost verbatim a thousand times.

“I have this great idea for this great project, and I need a team.”

This translates to:

“I need a bunch of programmers to make my vision come to life because I only draw pictures/make 3D models/come up with grand ideas.”

And I have yet to see any single one of them go anywhere. The reason for that is simple: the post by nature was poorly informed; if you knew what you were asking for, you would know enough to realize you shouldn’t ask it. It takes multiple people who have several years of experience at least a year to make a reasonably sized single player game. You want “a decent programmer” for an MMO? I’m sorry, but you’re just reaching way too far out there, and asking other people to do 90% of the work for your game. And you may not see it that way, but that’s what it is, and that’s what anyone who has experience in game development will see it as.

I can only humbly suggest that you work your way up to it at least. The fact that you don’t know what’s involved in what you’re asking means you don’t have enough development experience to do it. I don’t know what games you worked on in Blender or what exactly you did for them, but I maintain that it was not enough if this is the first thing you attempt when you find a new engine.

from almost 10 years of indi game development. my words of advice for starters.
decide on something VERY VERY simple. something simple enough to pull it off alone. learn programming.
you might find modellers to drop in a few models, or textures, or sounds. but if you dont want your project to die you have to maintain the code yourself. otherwise your coder might get bored, leave the team and your project is as good as dead.

just my 2 cents.
programming is not hard :slight_smile: just try to get the hang of it.

ive tried programming but i cannot understand it.

i try many tuts but they all just show what do and expect you to already know about programming of other languages and understand every special word and what many of things work somewhat.

and like hello world tells you how to do it but never says what everything is for and show an example of how it would be used now and maybe even better in a actual game if possible.

i cannot find one that explains everything to a complete new person.

if someone would point me in the best possible direction you could for a fact find if possible i would try to learn it but im tired of looking for a tut thats good but not know if its a good one because idk anything about programming.

take your time and work through this ‘online-class’, concentrated and patient. this wil get you started :wink: