one camera multiple windows

hi there,

is there an easy way to display the view of one camera across multiple windows?

i’m new to graphic programming and panda3d. i appreciate any help.

thanks in advance.


okay, so i figured out, that i need to open a window with a display region and assign the camera to it.

i did that like this:

 16         self.previewwin = base.openWindow()
 17         self.displayRegion = self.previewwin.makeDisplayRegion()
 18         self.camPath = NodePath(
 19         self.displayRegion.setCamera(self.camPath)

the result was a bit odd for me. see here

and i’m getting an error when trying to move the camera:python:
vbo/vbo_exec_array.c:753: vbo_exec_DrawRangeElementsBaseVertex: Assertion `ctx->Array.ArrayObj->_MaxElement >= 1’ failed.

any suggestions?

That’s a weird error, it appears to be coming directly from OpenGL. You’re not doing any direct OpenGL communication, right? Possibly opening up the second window has confused your OpenGL stack for some reason.

Graphics drivers often do have trouble with multiple windows, for various reasons. Thus, it’s usually best to limit yourself to one window at a time. You can put two side-by-side DisplayRegions in the same window.


after some searching for the error i realized that there are problems with debian unstable and intel cards.
i try to repair that issue and will report when everything is okay again.

If I remember correctly, openWindow had a parameter called keepCamera or something like that. Maybe a look into will help you.

thanks for the help. now i read this section of’s reference.

now i have something like

self.previewwin = base.openWindow(
    keepCamera = True,
    makeCamera = False,
    unexposedDraw = True,
    scene = render

and i get the second window but its empty.

anyone know what parameters i have to pass to get the desired result?

i added

gsg =

to the parameter list. then i get an error:

:display:x11display(error): BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)

i’m using ubuntu with intel gm45 onboard chip on lenovo x200s