on realizing free licensed 34 3D Game now and in future

Hi everybody,
after having said that, I might narrow the question, to what is in reach to free software world, please put your free software mentality glasses on. Thanks.

I got until now no experiences with scripting 3D Games, but am liking to apply high language -scripting- to basically everything that comes across in my live. No bad feeling at all to focus other people’s brilliant and over more free work and present it with couple of dirty lines. Lets say for personal business purposes. (There is no need to have them to be naked all time.) That is the plan basically.

So: I am searching for a game engine, python, 3D, 34 (this for explicit stuff),
a) in the present world - or
b) in an expectable future world.
to a: and I found that their is only one called “polygon love 2”, which has the flaws, I do not like these children figures. I found nobody free hacker before me to hack on it, and it is the only template in a 2016 world. There are only parts of it free, the explicit content is hidden and non free.

So the question would be:
a) What does it take to realize it with which of the now available tools, templates (not to forget skills of me) , if it is deemed possible at all?

b) For what should one wait to gain a necessary to comfortable free! tools and template base supply. How likely could that happen, when and how could one best support such a process. (Just to make it clear: I think of world events such as middle weight 34 companies put their code to free licence gpl, kind of what happened to libreoffice decades ago.)
So any such scenario opinions?
Thanks in advance