OGRE - Fantasy Action-RPG



We have started developing of action-rpg called Ogre.
There isn’t much to show at this stage (design-doc stage/suggestions/sketches right now).

Anyway, what is OGRE?
Ogre (don’t mistake with OGRE graphis engine;-) ) is action-RPG set in world of Mythera - fantasy realm full of such creatures like ogre’s, orc’s and… humans. When you start playing, Mytheria is getting up after long, long war between few nations.

What we want to do:

  • Simple game, without very large skill’s tree - just simple character edition.
  • “Casual game” - just run it and play

What we did?

Currently: some art-designs, artworks, some sketches

Who we need?
Currently, we are looking for panda3d programmer and 3d designer.
Iam 2d graphic designer and game designer.

What we offer?
Well, this is amatour project, so at this stage I can’t offer any salary.

Are you interested in help?
Visit our website: ogre.pl and follow the instructions.
Please include MSN Messenger id in e-mail.

PS. Sorry for my english :smiling_imp:

I can’t find the link to the design-doc/sketches on this page.

Good luck.