ogg files didn't work on windows

Today, while I was testing the Windows installer generated from my Linux box, I probably encountered another quirk of version 1.7.1. My game refused to start on Windows while ran fine on Linux. After some searching I found that the game freezes when it try to load some ogg files, so, I had to convert sounds to wav format in order to run it.

Somebody experienced same behavior?


Just tried it with a ogg Vista 32. No problem here. Maybe you could provide the ogg file or discribe this issue more precisely.

Thank you for your try.
One of the incriminated ogg files is here:
It was saved from Audacity.

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I’ve already signalled a similar situation, you can check if that is the same problem.

Yes, in my case that doesn’t happen with every file.

Okay loading this file panda3d hangs up. The interesting fact is that I use Audacity for my ogg exports too and it works well.

I made some more test, it appears to be a problem of OpenAL audio library in conjunction with some kind of ogg files. I’m now trying to understand if there is some combination of sample rate/bit format OpenAL didn’t like or what.

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Well it has definitely to do with the length of the file. If the file is to short the the loading function will not work properly. Just prolong your file and it will work. Shrink an working file under 0,5 sec and the error will show up.

P.S: the magic limit seems to be 0,57-0,58 sec with 22050Hz 16-bit.

P.P.S: okay seems to be file dependend :open_mouth: (?). Here are 2 files which differs only in some bytes:

Nox_firegalaxy you are right, it definitively depends on this, anyway I had to prolong much longer the sound in order to make it works (I was using a windows xp machine to test it).

Thank you very much.