Off the peg models


Two questions in bold below:

I’m working on a system for monitoring the elderly. I’m considering Panda3D as one possible interface paradigm.

Can I drive Panda3D from java?

I’d like to prototype something for a feasibility exercise, and I’m wondering if I can download some off-the-peg in-home environments and human models.

For my application I’d like to obtain human models with “elderly” appearance and dynamics. Roaming Ralph doesn’t quite cut it, but currently looks like my best starting point.

If this works well then we’d probably invest in/buy models with more sophisticated behaviors and appearance.

Can anyone direct to a useful source of off=the peg models please? Alternatively are them some powerful tools around for making models?

1 No java sorry. You’d probably have to use TCP and make C++/python client and java server.

2 Make human project.

Thank you Andre