ODE - Using the joints / skeleton of egg file in ODE World

I am wanting to create a body with skeleton, joints, etc. If I export this as an .egg file will the ODE world take advantage of these joints created at the time of the .egg or will I have to put the joints in manually via Panda3d?

I am wanting to create human bodies that fall from the top of the screen onto an inclined surface and bounce off with life-like properties. That is, the model will not be animated, but it’s limbs/joints will move as it bounces of inclined surface, by following rules of gravity down towards the bottom of the screen.

If you can point me in the right direction that would be so helpful. Also, I still have much to learn about panda, so details are appreciated!


You are talking about ragdoll physics. I don’t think there are any automatic hooks for this; you’ll have to create the ODE joints yourself to match your own skeleton. People have done this before, I think you’ll find examples in the forums.


There’s an example in this thread:
[ODE Joints and Panda Joints)