ODE? Release dates?

I’ve noticed in the CVS repository that ODE was implemented. The latest ODE-affecting edit was 7 weeks ago, to date.

I’m trying to figure out whether or not ODE is in the current version of Panda3D. (1.3.2 at this time.) Could someone tell me the release date of 1.3.2 and/or describe how much ODE support is in this version? Thanks!

There is no ODE support in the latest release, AFAIK. So there is a chance it will be in the next release? Cool!

We have added some rudimentary direct support for ODE into the C++ layer. But people have already had plenty of success with using PyODE, which requires no specific integration; check the forums.


AFAIK, PyODE doesn’t provide some “default” low level callback, so the sync must be done in Python, as well as setting the friction and bounce for each pair of two colliding objects. If the objects counts start climbing, the sim would suffer.