Ode collision

Hi folks,

im willing to use pyode with panda but i cant find good tutorials on trimesh colision…
(trimesh is the collision for irregular environments?)

can someone show me a tutorial? i searched the forum and for pyode tutorials but couldnt find much (tutorials used planes for collision and collision box)

How cross platform are you planning to be? the windows version of PyODE has trimesh’s working but unfortunately the PyODE in the ubuntu repositories has broken trimesh support. Panda’s integrated ODE has working trimesh support but I don’t think its usage is completely understood, although using it for simple collision purposes would be easy enough.

On ubuntu, I don’t use the repo, I grabbed ODE 0.7 myself.
Which tuts have you tried so far ?

You understand that ODE 0.7 is several years old, right? The latest version of ODE (in isolation from anything else) is 0.10.1, and they’re working up towards another dot release soon.

Of course you can use the latest ODE, as long as you want to extend PyODE to support that version.

Since 1.5.3, Panda3D has ODE builtin – the builtin version is 0.9, by default (you can replace it easily). Why not use Panda’s builtin ODE system?

For the dumb idiot i am :slight_smile:

Do you guys have a link to an ODE documentation that is newer than the 0.6 version?