Objects Showing depending on coodinates?

Yes, its another one of those block placement type games I’m going for. Anyways, I seem to be having some problems trying to get Chunks to show. I can get 1 chunk to show up in panda3d, but I can’t get any other chunks to show up. Maybe a fresh pair of eyes might help me with where i’m going wrong.
blocktest.zip (5.86 KB)

Both are showing, they are just right on top of one another.
To demonstrate change in Chunk.py



self.np = renderNode.attachNewNode(self.cubeModel.getGeomNode())

And change your testChunk1 code block to

        testChunk1 = Chunk.Chunk(self)
        testChunk1.chunkSize = self.chunkSize
        testChunk1.chunkX = 0
        testChunk1.chunkY = 16
        testChunk1.chunkZ = 0

Thanks, much obliged