object center and light intensity

Greetings, I have a few more (separate) questions:

  1. I coded up a dude, and put a collision cube around him. However, when I use my arrow keys to rotate the guy around, it looks like he is rotating around some point out in front of him. I modelled him in blender, and exported him using chicken, but apparently he was off from his object center. I went and made sure that everything was centered where it is supposed to be, and re-exported, but this is still the problem.

In other words, if I move my guy up to a column that I have added to the environment, and hit the right arrow, i’d like for him to rotate exactly in place, rather than his whole mesh rotate around the center of the column.

I tried control A Scale and rotation to everything, but this seems like more of a position type thing… maybe I need to apply some sort of change in Blender here? Suggestions?

  1. I have placed a pointlight at 0,0,3. It is white (1,1,1,1). Is there a way to increase the intensity, I don’t think I see anything in the API? Alternatively, is it possible that my meshes are too big, and need to be scaled wayyyy down, so that the light I made is more appropriate to them?

Thanks you

I increase light intensity by using values > 1: light.setColor(10,10,10,1)
This probably isn’t correct (or is only correct when using HDR?) - but it works for me :wink:

That is perfectly correct. Note, however, that a light that exceeds 1.0 in any component will be in danger of oversaturating the colors of any object it fully illuminates. If your goal is to make a PointLight illuminate more effectively, it might be a better strategy to fiddle with its attenuation, instead.

The attenuation affects how far away the light illuminates. If it is too high, then the light color will drop off too suddenly. Lowering the attenuation makes the light illuminate a greater radius, without making the light itself overly bright.