Object appear white on rendering

Hi,I am new to game programming, while i was trying to render an .obj file that a friend of mine had made the objects in it appeared completely white. The shape can be made out distinctly however the color of the model appears white. Could anyone suggest a solution to the problem? Also all the sample models given work perfectly fine along with the colors.

Is the model textured or does it simply have materials? Assuming the model is textured, there are a few things that could go wrong here:

(1) The model does not specify any textures. This can be verified by opening the model with a text editor.
(2) The model specifies textures, but using an absolute path or a relative path that does not point to the correct texture file. A warning message should show up if this happens.

There may be more things that are involved that depend on the specifics of how you imported your .obj into Panda3D. Which tool or method did you use?