This small script will convert your .obj models to blender scene files (.blend)

First of all create two folders
./obj and ./blend then open terminal / cmd
and write -> cd /path/to/work/folder
then -> path/to/blend_exe --background --python obj2blend.py

Be sure sure that you put the .obj files in the .obj folder :stuck_out_tongue:

import os
import bpy
#run using: blender.exe --background --python main.py
for paths, dirs, files in os.walk("./obj/"):
        for file in files:
                # new blend
                # import obj
                path = os.path.join(paths, file)
                print("importing:", path)
                bpy.ops.import_scene.obj(filepath=path, global_clamp_size=10*3, axis_up = "Z", axis_forward="Y")
                # save blend
                blend_name = file.replace(".obj", ".blend") if str(file).endswith(".obj") else "%s.blend" % file
                bpy.ops.wm.save_mainfile(filepath=os.path.join("./blend", blend_name), )