I just wandering along and find Ageia Physx and try it out, it is easy and simple to use but also I aquire some problem that I rather dont understand to fix it. here the screenshot

so as U can see I put many box under the brige that have collision in up an bottom. the box is jumping up and flying rapidly in the roof like a bee.
and didnt drom until it doesnt below the bridge anymore.

and not only that the box is also jumping very fast when collide 90degree shape like wall, so where is the problem, ive try to increase and decreasing the slope in the phsx setup but dit get any result. so how this Physx update the Z axis really?

is there anyone familliar with NxPanda?

enn0x would be the one having the most experience with nxPanda.
Link: https://discourse.panda3d.org/viewtopic.php?t=3108

I highly suggest getting familiar with PhysX first, since this seems to be the source for the problem. nxpanda is nothing else than a wrapper for Panda3D -> PhysX.

So in the end I fear this might be the wrong board (Panda3D) to ask this questions. :cry:

Regards, Bigfoot29

Impossible to say anything. I see a screenshot with VISUAL objects, but no COLLISION objects. Could you render with debug mode to make collision objects visible, or even better, connect to your code with the Visual Remote Debugger and show the scene tree? I have no idea what objects you have created? What slope did you increase and decrease in what setup?


ah yes Im sory not give in debugging mode

may be this afternoon( in my country ), and also with the code
cos Im not connected with my computer right now

but the code I did the same as the Tes sample included in NxPanda.zip

I did the same with playerController.py

with triangleshapedesk loaded from .nxb that been cooked


player is GROUP_COLLIDEABLE_PLAYER(no problem wth player only with the box)

so the bride have collision in top and bottom( 2 faced but there is a range between the two face)

so here the temporary picture. the debug picture I post later

Besides the Remote Debugger screenshot I’d like to see the script you used for cooking. Might be you have cooked the bridge as a heightfield.


PS: I hope you didn’t cook the bride. The groom would not be happy.

oh crab! im forget to bring my removeabledisc that contain the remote debug screenshot and my script. im sory I can’t show it right now.

the cooking script I use is the same as in cooking.py that include in NxPanda.zip

yes I cook the bridge

Oh my! yes…yes… I think that’s the problem, the roof of the bridge is a highfield as well

yes I get it now, the problem is not from the Pyshx
but from my unknowledgement

im sorry it’s my fool

Many thanks for you enn0x

Not so fast. I’m not sure if this is the problem. Let’s see if we can find a solution.