NSPR question

I am attempting to use the ppremake build system on slackware linux 10.1
Current hardware is dual P3 SMP, Nvidia 5900fx with some VR gear.

My current kernel is 2.6.8, would like to enable NSPR but the mozilla nspr
page seems to only offer 2.4 kernel versions.

Anybody have any experience installing the portable runtime on 2.6.x?

If so where did you put the lib and how did you modify Config.pp?


I have not had experience with this, but you should be able to download the NSPR source and recompile it to suit your kernel.

Then it’s just a matter of setting NSPR_IPATH and NSPR_LPATH in your Config.pp to the directories that contain nspr.h and libnspr4.so, respectively.


Thanks David,

Couldn’t figure out how to install NSPR system wide, so I just gave to panda3d
(very much like you suggested) and the build worked.