[Not scripting related] Window not showing on alt-tab list

On xfce4 (4.6.1), panda3d window doesnt show on the window cycle (alt+tab) list. It does show on the task bar and on the window list that appears mid clicking on the desktop. This didnt happened to me before with pygame nor pygtk, so i guess that it could be how DirectStart creates the window.

I’ve tried it with demomaster examples, epoch and the hello world sample and both three are affected

It’s a bit anoying because I have to click on the taskbar to focus the window if there is another one open (i.e. whichever ide i try to use)

Any clue on this?

I feel that this is too specific to fill a bug report, but i will if you think it’ll help

Huh, that’s weird. Is there something special you need to do to a window to tell xfce it’s a toplevel window in its own right?


Nothing that I’m aware of. You can hide dialogs from that list, but i have them shown (every other dialog apears) so i’m a bit lost.

In kde4 panda3d window is on the list, so i guess it’s an xfce related issue, but i’ve only seen this happening with panda3d.