Not running from promt!

I am a newbie to panda, and have very recently learned the python language.

I have installed both the 1.2.3 build and 1.0.5 and both are doing the same thing…

All examples work from their shortcuts but when I try to launch my own program, or any of the examples through the promt they will not run. I get a quick flash of a dos promt, to fast for me to see what it says, then nothing happens.

I have checked the PATH settings and they are in order, and I have been following the manual completely to no avail. I saw a similar post here on the forum were dragging the .py file over ppython.exe ran it, this however wont work for me either.

I have a feeling it might have to do with my pc, Im running windows xp media center (32) my cpu however is a athlon 64 dual core, (only until vista media center 64 is released) I have had problems in the past getting programs to run correctly, especially windows itself.

If this is not the case though, I would greatly appriciate any help, I am very excited about this engine and would love to learn it

I can test my code by changing one of the sample files and using its shortcut… So i don’t think its my processor.

I still can’t figure out why my command promt wont open any of the files?!

Did you use Start -> run -> cmd?

whats the output there? Maybe all you are forgetting is the run() command?

Maybe you want to give us a code example (short one!) and the output you get after what you typed in?

Regards, Bigfoot29