North By Sound l Audio Productions l

North By Sound Audio Productions

Two of the computer game industry’s seasoned music composers, Thomas Regin (Bergen, Norway) and Nikolas Sideris (Athens, Greece), have joined forces and launched an Audio Production company, called North By Sound.

Having set up an excellent communication channel between the two studios, Studio A(thens) and Studio B(ergen) we have already begun working on a number of computer games to be released shortly!

North By Sound Audio Productions demoreels can be found in the following locations: (orchestral) and (contemporary)

Nikolas holds a PhD in composition, University of London, and his music has been performed all around the world (USA, UK, The Netherlands…). Thomas comes from a composer-position at a high-profile audio production house in San Francisco and is self-taught with a passion for orchestral music.

For more information and more than 20 full tracks and videos please visit our website at:

If you wish to contact us please e-mail us at:

Our credits list includes high-profile titles as well as smaller indiependent games. Between us we have scored more than 50 game titles for both major and minor game developers and publishers throughout the world and we are ready to take on the next challenge!

We hope to hear from you soon and by able to offer our services as composers and sound designers.

Nikolas and Thomas

Please excuse the bump, we hope that this is allowed.

We would like to share with you, our latest news: ‘Privates’, by Zombie Cow Studio is ready to be released and they’ve released the trailer which can be seen here:

Should you wish to contact us, as mentioned above, don’t hesitate. Just e-mail us at info (AT) northbysound (DOT) com, or PM here.

bumping itself is not prohibited.
but i want to tell you that most people on panda3d are hobby/indi developers. notorically short on money.
given great resources such as i doubt you’ll get a lot of requests from this end. good luck anyway.
nice music btw.