Normal Mapping Issue

I have got the normal maps to work in Maya and Panda. I now need to light my scene. I found out that the directional light is only flat shaded, but I still need my scene lit by a “sun.” Any Ideas?

have you tried using a large spotlight directed onto the landscape? It might not be the best idea but you could just make one HUGE spotlight for your land but I dont think it would have the same effects…maybe add a ambient light of some kind? I cant believe the directional light is flat! thats lame!

If you mean the shader generator, I used directional light there, and it perfectly worked with normal maps.

The directional light isn’t flat. Don’t know what you’re talking about. If the light isn’t giving the effect you want, it’s likely that your normals are not correct. Also, remember that unless you enable per-pixel lighting via the Shader Generator, the lighting is only computed at the vertices, so it tends to work poorly on very large polygons with no vertices in the middle.


really? what is the code for enabling per pixel lighting b/c i set the auto shader on which is supposedly supposed to enable normal maps but it doesnt do much for mine?

The auto shader is the per-pixel lighting. To make it work properly, you will need to ensure your model has tangent and binormals computed for each vertex. The egg-trans command can provide this; I believe this is detailed in the manual.