noob seeks guidance

Hi, just getting started with Panda3d and python in general. So far learning python has been a breeze and I love that. Haven’t messed with panda much yet but was hoping for some guidance for some long term goals. Hope one of you gurus can help. :slight_smile:

The game I want to make eventually I think will require some sort of shadow system. I think it will be unique in that it will need 2 separate systems. One will act as visibility and other will be standard shadows from lights. It’s hard for me to put into words so here is a sketch that may help get my point across.

So the camera is a top down style view. Anything not in line of sight of the character is the red area. The gray area are shadows from the lights in the map.

I’m imagining the player acting as a specialized light source to black out areas he can’t see while rest remains visible. This visible area is then lit by the lights in the map which can cast the regular shadows. The point is so you don’t know what’s around a corner until you can see it. It also should have an interesting visual effect if I can pull it off.

Do I have the right idea? Is there a better way to render only areas in line of sight and have only the map lights be using a shadow system? This is obviously out of my league for the moment but I’m just trying to get an idea what I need to aim to learn. Will this require modifying the panda3d source or can this all be done through python scripts and other means?

Any insight is much appreciated.

Yes, since you’ll be dealing with two ‘light’ sources, you’ll need to have at least two shadow cameras as well.

Using this for line-of-sight sounds like a good idea to me.

Thanks. I’m glad I am on the right track with my thinking. Was this something I’ll need to modify the panda3d source for? I saw something about shadow support coming in one of your threads. Is that due for next build and is there a release schedule?

You can use shadows without having to modify Panda’s source code, using shaders. Check out the Shadows sample program.

But yeah, in Panda version 1.7.0, everything will be done for you.

thanks again. ill check it out.